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My name is Nima Zomorrodi, a UI/UX Designer. I graduated in “Computer Graphic Design” and “Commercial Advertisement”. Also, I am a member of IDF (Interaction Design Foundation). Over 17+ years of my career, my portfolio includes User Interface & Experience Design for Websites and Mobile Applications, Front-End Development, Social Media Design and Graphic Design.

I love solving problems by designing solutions. Over the last few years, I’ve worked on web and Mobile product solutions for design agencies and a range of startups in a variety of industries and work with companies.

Having Programming Skills, allow me to create data-driven designs that translate well to code. My Background in UX allows me to design user-centric experiences for both individual projects and for scalable recurring revenue-generating products.

I love creating Beautiful & Effective works and working in a Creative Team. I use a variety of tools to make Sketches, Mockups and Prototypes. Furthermore, I really enjoy learning new skills and working on interesting things.

innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower

Steve Jobs

These days, My hours are spent as a UI/UX designer but in my spare time, I like to go Jogging in Nature, Cooking, Listening to music, Astronomy Observing, photo shooting and capturing scenes I can find.

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