Nima Zomorrodi,

A graduate of Commercial Advertisement Management with 17 years of experience, has been involved in over 200+ projects in the fields of Web Design (UI/UX), Graphic Design, Photography, Videography and E-Commerce etc. Nima has also worked with famous companies in IRAN such as Philips, Bosch, AEG Electrolux, LG, HyperStar Hyper Market (Carrefour), Mellat Bank, IRAN Water and Wastewater Company.

I love creating Beautiful & Effective works.  I use a variety of tools to make Sketches and mockups to get the best solution.

I really enjoy learning new skills and working on interesting things. Contact me for a chat because I’d love to hear from you whether for work, to collaborate, to skill share, talk about art or design or even just go for a hot cup of tea.